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Contact Information

Adress Informatics Institute, Maslak Campus / İSTANBUL
Room 210
Office Phone +90 212 2857194/142

Interested Topics

  • Complex dynamical systems and their numerical solutions
  • Approximation techniques for multivariate functions and multidimensional data sets
  • Linear algebra
  • ODEs and PDEs
  • Integral equations and integral operators
  • Perturbation theory
  • Parallel programming
  • Hyperspectral imagery compression


Ph.D.   ...
Istanbul Technical University; Informatics Institute; Computational Science & Engineering
M.Sc. 2010 Marmara University; Institute for Graduate Studies in Pure & Applied Sciences; Applied Mathematics
B.S. 2007 Istanbul Kültür University; Faculty of Science & Letters; Mathematics & Computing
2003 Vefa High School