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All ITU Faculty Members
Eurasia Institute of Earth Sciences
Climate Science Department
Solid Earth Sciences Department
Earth System Science Department
Faculty of Computer and Informatics
Computer Engineering Department
Informatics Institute
Information Technologies Department
Computer Science
Geographical Information Technologies
Computational Science And Engineering
Faculty of Maritime
Sea Transportation and Management Engineering Department
Marine Engineering Department
Department of Basic Sciences
Earthquake Engineering and Disaster Management Institute
Disaster Management
Earthquake Engineering
Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Electrical Engineering Department
Electronics&Communication Engineering Department
Control Engineering Department
Instute of Energy
Department of Energy Science and Technology
Nuclear Energy
Institute of Science and Technology
Disaster Management Department
Computer Engineering Department
Department of Informatics
Environmental Engineering Department
Environmental Engineering
Physics Engineering
Civil Engineering Department
Geodesy and Photogrammetry Engineering Department
Chemistry Department
Control and Automation
Mechanical Engineering Department
Mathematics Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering
Structure Engineering Department
Faculty of Science and Letters
Physics Engineering Department
Humanities and Social Sciences Department
Chemistry Department
Chemistry Department
Mathematics Engineering Department
Molecular Biology and Genetics Department
Faculty of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Environmental Engineering Department
Geomatic Engineering Department
Civil Engineering Department
Faculty of Management
Department of Economics
Industrial Engineering Department
Management Engineering Department
Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering
Food Engineering Department
Chemical Engineering Department
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department
Faculty of Mines
Mineral Processing Engineering Department
Geophysical Engineering Department
Geological Engineering Department
Mining Engineering Department
Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Department
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering Department
Mechanical Engineering Department
Faculty of Architecture
Industrial Product Design Department
Interior Architecture Department
Architecture Department
Landscape Architecture Department
Urban and Regional Planning Department
Urban and Environmental Planning and Research Center
Language and History of Revolution Department
Housing Research and Education Center
Vocational School
School of Foreign Languages
Institute of Social Science
Management Department
History Of Art
Faculty of Textile Technologies and Design
Fashion Design Department
Textile Development and Management Department
Textile Engineering Department
Faculty of Turkish Music and Goverment Conservatoire
Technology of Music Depertmant
Musicology Department
Basic Sciences Department
Turkish Folk Dances Department
Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Meteorological Engineering Department
Aeronautical Engineering Department
Astronautical Engineering Department


I started preparing my allocated web site the day I received the memo. I believe that Faculty pages are very appealing because of their standard design and ease of use. As various modifications have been made over the past few weeks the pages have been in use, many parameters can be controlled by web page owners.

Prof. Dr. İnci Çilesiz Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Eng., Electronics and Communication Eng. Dep.