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Work Experience

Academical Positions

  • Assist.Prof.Dr.; Kadir Has University, 2005
  • Assoc.Prof.Dr. (UAK); Kadir Has University, 27.09.2012
  • Assoc.Prof.Dr.; Istanbul Technical University, 22.10.2013

Administrative Duties

  • Faculty Board Member, Kadir Has University Faculty of Art and Design: 01 April 2005-27 July 2012.
  • Faculty Administrative Board Member, Kadir Has University Faculty of Art and Design: 01 April 2005-04 September 2012.
  • Deputy Dean, Kadir Has University  Faculty of Art and Design: 03 March 2006-08 February 2011.
  • Chairman of Endustrial Design Department, Kadir Has University  Faculty of Art and Design: 27 April 2006 – 02 April 2007.
  • Assist.Chairman of Interior and Environmental Design Department, Kadir Has University  Fine Arts Faculty: 05 January 2007- 13 January 2010.
  • Faculty Erasmus Coordinator, Kadir Has University  Fine Arts Faculty:01 March 2005- 01 November 2008.


Professional Practice as Employee

1989-1994; AEC Technology Co., Ltd., Architectural CAD software training and

                    support specialist.

1994-1997; Pekintaş Group, Architect - Project Officer.

1997-1998; Eczacıbaşı Holding, Architect responsible for the kitchen and bathroom


1999-2004; Architectural Office STUDIO ELITE , Owner

Professional Practice as the Owner of Architectural Office STUDIO ELITE

Design and implementation of production spaces of Eczacıbaşı (1999-2004).

Design and implementation of production spaces of Termal Ceramic (1999-2004).

Design and implementation of the administrative building of Megaplast-Leather, Organized Industrial Zone/Istanbul.

Design and implementation of Termal Ceramic Exhibition stand, Tüyap/Istanbul.

Design and implementation of DuPont stand, Tüyap Exhibition/Istanbul.

Implementation of Eczacıbaşı stand, Lutfi Kırdar Finance Forum/Istanbul-subcontractor.

Implementation of Eczacıbaşı-Intema stand, Tüyap Fair/Istanbul-subcontractor.

Implementation of Eczacıbaşı-Intema stand, YEM Fair/Istanbul-subcontractor.

Implementation of Toprak Ceramics-Coverings Fair, New Orleans/USA-subcontractor.

Implementation of the Hitit Ceramic Stand-Coverings Fair, New Orleans/USA-subcontractor

Design and implementation of Termal Ceramics Stand-Coverings Fair, New Orleans/USA-subcontractor.

Design and implementation of Termal Ceramics Stand-Cevisama Fair, Valencia/Spain.

Interior design and implementation of the Pharmacy Çapa/Samsun.

Design and implementation of Ergin Yazıcıoğlu's house's child room/Samsun.

Design and implementation of Gülin Yazıcıoğlu's house's kitchen/Samsun.

Melike Çiftsümer’s house’s kitchen design/Istanbul.

Sinan Çiftsümer's pet shop interior design/Istanbul.

Ekrem Çetin Bigat's house's interior design, Çengelköy/İstanbul.

Aykor A.Ş. office interior design, Karaköy/Istanbul.

Acarkent house interior design, Beykoz/Istanbul.

Design and implementation of Ali Kıraslan's shop front and partition of interior space, Ümraniye/Istanbul.

Design and implementation of meeting room of Yaşar Başarır’s office, İkitelli/İstanbul.

Design and implementation of Sevim Celayir’s house’s kitchen, bathroom, Istinye/Istanbul.

Design and implementation of Ahmet Yilmaz’s house’s winter garden and staircase railing/Dragos.

Design and implementation of Ayşe İşler’s house’s kitchen, Etiler/Istanbul.

Design and implementation of Interior space of Cengiz Ceylan’s house’s kitchen and living room, Mecidiyeköy/İstanbul.

Design and implementation of furniture of Demet Gündoğan’s house’s living room, Maslak/Istanbul.

Design and implementation of Ahmet Polat’s house’s kitchen, Yeşilköy/İstanbul.

Design and implementation of Atılgan Çağlayan’s house's bedroom and bathroom/Istanbul.

Design and implementation of Interior space of Sara Yakınoğlu’s house/Balıkesir.

Design and implementation of interior space of Sara Yakınoğlu’s dentist office/Balıkesir.

Garden arranging implementation of Kadir Has’s house-Alsit Site, Büyükdere/İstanbul.

Advertising and PR works of the firms of Corian-Dupont, Eczacıbaşı-İntema, Eczacıbaşı-EBS, Aluform, Franke, Uğur Yapı, Termal Seramik, Pekintaş, Onur Arıtma, As Dekorasyon, Ener İnşaat, and so on. Web page applications design coordination, and graphic design works such as catalogs, billboards, and so on (1999-2004).