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Contact Information

Adress Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Scince and Letters, Istanbul Technical University, Maslak, 34469, Istanbul, TURKEY
Room B4-321
Office Phone 90-212-2856671

Scholarly Interests

I have been studying the impact of nationalism and state-building in the Middle East and the Caucasus ever since my undergraduate years. During my time at Bilkent University, I had the opportunity to go to Israel and attend a summer course on Israeli foreign policy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. As I was writing my master's thesis at Middle East Technical University in Ankara, I attended the Middle Eastern History Department of Tel Aviv University both to take courses and to finish the research for my thesis on Jerusalem and its political implications for the Arab-Israeli conflict. This gave me first hand information about the Middle East peace process and the Israeli-Palestinian antagonism.
For my doctoral studies I have attended Thomas Jefferson's university, namely University of Virginia. There I have written my Ph.D. dissertation with William Quandt. This study was published as a book after a number of revisions  in 2011 with the title Identity and Turkish foreign policy: The Kemalist influence in Cyprus and the Caucasus.
In sum, my academic interests include nationalism and state-building in the Middle East and the Caucasus as well as the Middle East peace process and the Arab-Israeli conflict. Furthermore, I am interested in international relations theory especially realism and constructivism; and discussions about unipolarity. More specifically, I have studied Turkish nationalism, the interrelationship between religion and national identity, Turkish foreign policy, Turkish-Israeli relations and American foreign policy in the Middle East.    




2006    Ph.D.: University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va: Woodrow Wilson Department of Politics, Ph.D. September 1999-August 2006. Dissertation: Turkish Foreign Policy between Kemalist State Identity and State Interests: the Cyprus and Karabagh Cases. Supervised by William Quandt. Committee members: Allen Lynch, John Owen and Elizabeth Thompson.   


1997    M.Sc.: Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, Department of International Relations, Master of Science (M.Sc.). Unpublished Master’s thesis. Jerusalem: a Study on the Holy City Within the Context of the Arab-Israeli Conflict. September 1994-April 1997. Supervisor: Süha Bölükbaşı. Committee Members: Meliha Altunışık and Sencer Ayata.    


1994:   B.Sc.: Bilkent University, Department of International Relations, Ankara, Turkey, Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.).September 1990-June 1994.