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Administrative Duty Coordinator of Architectural Design Computing Graduate Programs
Adress Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture Department of Architecture Taskisla, Taksim 34437 Istanbul, TR
Room 219
Office Phone +90 (212) 293 13 00 ext 2243
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Effect and Affect: Designing and making with data–integrated techniques

Date: 4/25/2017, 0 comment(s)
CAADFutures 2017 - New Trajectories of Computation in Design
July 12-14, 2017
Taşkışla, İstanbul Technical University

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Guest Edited Issue in Honor of Lionel March

Nexus Network Journal v. 17 n. 3, 2015

Special Issue "Rule Based Design" in Honour of Lionel March

In this issue (15 articles)

1. Letter from the Editor - Rule Based Design, in Honour of Lionel March

Mine Özkar     Pages 693-696

2. Research

Leon Battista Alberti as Author of Hypnerotomachia Poliphili

Lionel March    Pages 697-721

3. Research

The Critic as Artist: Oscar Wilde’s Prolegomena to Shape Grammars

George Stiny    Pages 723-758

4. Research

Architectural Doughnuts: Circular Plan Buildings, with and without Courtyards

Philip Steadman    Pages 759-783

5. Research

Typological Descriptions as Generative Guides for Historical Architecture

Rudi Stouffs, Bige Tunçer    Pages 785-805

6. Research

Parametrically Generating New Instances of Traditional Chinese Private Gardens that Replicate Selected Socio Spatial and Aesthetic Properties

Rongrong Yu, Michael J. Ostwald, Ning Gu    Pages 807-829

7. Research

Competition in the Built Environment: Scaling Laws for Cities, Neighbourhoods and Buildings

Michael Batty    Pages 831-850

8. Research

Generating a Visual Language of Performance Driven Configurations for the Principal Façade of a Prototype Sustainable House

Sotirios D. Kotsopoulos    Pages 851-874

9. Research

A Grammar Based Model for the Mass Customisation of Chairs: Modelling the

Optimisation Part

Mário Barros, José Pinto Duarte, B. M. Chaparro    Pages 875-898

10. Research

Pinwheel Patterns: From 2D to 3D Schemas

Christopher F. Earl, Iestyn Jowers    Pages 899-912

11. Research

Is the List of Incomplete Open Cubes Complete?

Natasha Rozhkovskaya, Michael Reb    Pages 913-925

12. Research

Mulling Over Shapes, Rules and Numbers

Ramesh Krishnamurti    Pages 927-945

13. Research

Extending the Algebras of Design

Iestyn Jowers, Christopher F. Earl    Pages 947-962

14. Research

Shapes and Other Things

Terry Knight Pages    963-980

15. Didactics

Schematizing Basic Design in Ilhan Koman’s “Embryonic” Approach

Benay Gürsoy, Mine Özkar    Pages 981-1005

Date: 11/18/2016, 0 comment(s)

Research areas

design education, design thinking, visual computation, shape and material, shape research, higher education in architecture


1999 - 2004, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Architecture: Design+Computation 
on MIT Presidential Fellowship 
"Uncertainties of Reason: Pragmatist Plurality in Basic Design Education"