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Adress İTÜ Tekstil Teknolojileri ve Tasarımı Fakültesi İnönü Caddesi, No: 65, Gümüşsuyu (34437) Beyoğlu, İSTANBUL
Room 528
Office Phone + 90 212 293 13 00/2497
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Check ITUARC website for latest project & publications update
Please check ITU Aerospace Research Center website for latest project & publications updates. 

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Area of Interest

Multi-scale Modelling of Nanocomposites (molecular dynamics, dissipative particle dynamics), 

Nanoengineered Aerospace Composites, 

Electrospinning/Electrospraying Process, 

Composite/Hybrid Nanofiber Production, 

Carbon based structural composites and nanostructured interface design,

 CNT and Graphene Fibers, 

Polymer fibers and its production, 

Fibrous materials for energy storage, 

3D Printing, 

Thermoplastic Composites


February 02
Recent graduate and undergraduate scholarships will be announced in ITU Aerospace Research Center, if you're interested in please contact to for further...