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Adress Istanbul Technical University Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Disaster Management Ayazaga Campus, Maslak 34469-İstanbul
Room 210
Office Phone +90-212-285-7529
Fax Number +90-212-285-3672
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Soil Dynamics-Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

-Numerical and experimental investigation of the dynamic response of saturated and unsaturated soils under cyclic loadings,
-Modeling of soil-structure interaction with applications to geotechnical earthquake engineering and coastal and offshore engineering


2004-2009, North Carolina State University Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering Raleigh, NC, USA

Dissertation Title: Dynamics of Saturated Porous Media: Wave-Induced Response and Instability of Seabed

Advisors: Prof. Shamim Rahman, Assoc. Prof. Murthy Guddati