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Contact Information

Adress ITU Faculty of Architecture, Taskisla, 34437 Taksim, Istanbul, TURKEY
Room 132-II
Office Phone (212) 2931300/2210
Fax Number (212) 2514895
Web Address

Research Interests

  • Construction Projects Management
    • Integrated Management of Time, Resources and Cost: Planning and Programming of Construction Projects
    • Procurement Management
    • Safety Management
    • Competition by Design in Construction
    • Performance-Based Design and Building
  • Construction Projects Administration
    • Conflict Management: Dispute Resolution in construction projects
    • Design Law: Intellectual rights of the architect
    • Construction Law
  • Information Systems and Technologies for Construction
    • Software Development for Construction Industry
    • Product and Process Modeling in Construction
    • Design of Integrated Information Systems for Construction
    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems for Construction

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