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Contact Information

Adress ITU Mining Eng. Dept. 34469 Maslak-Istanbul-TURKEY
Room C311
Office Phone +90 (212) 285 6342
GSM +90 (535) 335 1003
Fax Number +90 (212) 285 6131
Web Address

Study Fields

Rock Cutting Mechanics, Mine Mechanization, Tunnel Mechanization; Laboratory and Site Investigations, Cuttability; Selection, Design and Performance Prediction-Optimization of Mechanical Miners such as Roadheaders, Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs), Microtunnel Boring Machines, Earth Pressure Balance TBMs, Slurry Pressure Balance TBMs, Chain Saw Machines; Soil Conditioning.


Ph.D., 1999, Colorado School of Mines, Mining and Earth Systems Engineering
M.Sc., 1991, Istanbul Technical University, Mining Engineering
B.Sc., 1987, Istanbul Technical University, Mining Engineering