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Adress İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi Elektrik Elektronik Fak. Bilgisayar Müh. Böl. Maslak 34469 Istanbul, Turkey
Office Phone +90 212 2853682
Fax Number +90 212 2853679
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My Current Research Activities
Computer Networks Research Lab. is under Computer Engineering Department where several faculty members and many students are involved. 
My  ongoing research projects in Computer Networks Lab. are as follows:
  • Multi-Layer Resiliency
  • How to make Internet Green?
  • Energy-efficient Networks
  • How to achieve both survivable and energy-efficient network designs?
  • Survivable Optical Grid Communications
  • FTTH Access Technologies: How to choose both cost effective, and operationally efficient way to go?
If you are interested to work in my research group as a PhD or an Ms student, please contact me by e-mail  for more detailed information on the ongoing research activities. 

Date: 9/2/2010, 0 comment(s)
International Conference on Communications
ICC 2010 is being held in Cape Town, South Africa this year on 23-27 May.
Accelerating Growth of Future Services in Media Centric Networks (Keynote Address, by Steven D. Gray, Huawei)
"The traditional telecommunication industry is faced with two key challenges. First, how can service providers increase revenue growth in markets where subscriber penetration is approaching 100%. Second, how can service providers manage the exponential growth of data traffic on wireless and fixed networks. To meet these challenges, service providers need a way to leverage their network assets to increase ARPU while simultaneously reducing the cost to deliver data to the end subscriber. One element of the presentation will focus on methods to increase ARPU and subscriber penetration for new services by allowing service providers to leverage their network assets to developers. This will make it possible for web style services to become offered to subscribers instead of only being offered "over the top". A second focus will be upon how to reduce the CAPEX and OPEX required to support the explosive growth of media traffic through new network architectures optimized for media delivery. This network optimization leverages distributed storage and content centric methods for media delivery to reduce by a factor of four the cost in building and operating a network. "

Date: 5/25/2010, 0 comment(s)
Fi-Wi and RoF
"Optical fiber based wireless (Fi-Wi) access using radio-over-fiber (ROF) concept combines the flexibility of wireless with the capacity of fiber. Fi-Wi systems are rapidly deployable (potentially using existing dark/dim fiber) and they enable micro and Pico cellular networks at low-cost. Especially, ROF is a blessing for 4G networks that promise up to 1 Gb/s over air because ROF networks enable significantly short air interface, which is a primary requirement for truly broadband access. In addition, ROF can easily support mm-waves up to 60 GHz or more; ROF can provide wireless services along railway tracks and highways; it also covers hidden areas like tunnels, mines and subway stations. New breakthroughs in microwave photonics have made high-performance Fi-Wi networks a reality. However, the optical-wireless hybrid nature of ROF creates some difficulties. Some issues are better addressed in the electrical domain while other issues are better done in the optical domain."

Date: 11/12/2009, 0 comment(s)

Research Interests

Optical Networks
  • Multi-Layer Resilience
  • Survivable lightpath provisioning
  • Access Networks and FTTX
Internet Protocol
  • IP Resilience
  • IPTV and problems in multicasting
Wireless Optical Integration
  • End to end resilience
Network Modeling and Performance Analysis
Network Optimization


Istanbul Technical University, Computer Science, 2009
(Studied in University of California - Davis, Networks Lab. under supervision of Biswanath Mukherjee in 2006-2008.)