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Contact Information

Adress Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture Taskısla Campus Taksim 34437 Istanbul
Room 105
Office Phone 0 212 2931300/2398
Fax Number 0 212 2514895

Study Fields

-Conservation of architectural heritage

-Structural assessment of historic buildings

-Traditional construction techniques

-Masonry structures

-Repair and strengthening techniques

-Architectural documentation


2012---PhD, Restoration Programme, Faculty of Architecture, Istanbul Technical University

2007---MSc, 2nd Level Masters degree in Seismic Improvement, Restoration and Consolidation of Historical Buildings and Monuments, University of Perugia (Università degli Studi di Perugia, Master di II° livello in Miglioramento sismico, restauro e consolidamento del costruito storico e monumentale.)

2002---MSc in Building Construction Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Istanbul Technical University

2000---BSc in Civil Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering,  Istanbul Technical University